Finding Tangle

On the way to the country whence the shadows fall…


Finding Tangle is a forum to call forth the moral imagination of our society with particular emphasis on the mission of the Church.

The questions that concern me most are those that ask of us what it truly means to live in – but not of – the world.  These questions are not often easy or straightforward to answer and can be divisive.  Yet it is their contentious nature that requires all us to think critically and creatively as we strive together to live righteously in a sinful and broken world. As the author, I have a BA in Political Science, an MA in History of Christianity, and I also completed graduate level coursework in International Politics.

Tangle is one of the lead characters in a short faerie tale by nineteenth century author George MacDonald called The Golden Key.  I suppose there are many ways the idea of “finding” Tangle could be interpreted, but to me it expresses the journey we are all called to travel in life as we grow into our true selves: the selves God created us to be, the new selves we are clothed in by the grace of God. In the story MacDonald poignantly describes the process of maturation we can experience as we search for the place that our heart longs for most of all, the “land from whence the shadows fall.”

The closer we get to this place – to the arms of God – the more beautiful we become.  Through the trials and joys of this life we are thus transformed into beautiful creatures of wisdom and discernment by the refining strength of a youthfully matured spirit.

May we never stop growing, never stop learning, and never stop seeking after the will of the One who created us to share in His glory.

~ Katherine Anne Glenn

Since first creating this blog I got married, had four children in five years, and moved seven times (three times cross country).  I’ve learned a great deal in this time of silence, mostly about how much of the journey I have yet to traverse. Due to the overwhelming interest in my post on Miroslav Volf and Allah at Wheaton, my essay on Erasmus and Machiavelli, and my tribute to Christina Grimmie, I hope to write again with some regularity as time permits. If you have read anything here that interests or inspires please check back for more.

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